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Northern Bighorns


April 11th, 2019

The following information is an average report of elevations above or around 9000 feet.

Latest Storm: April 10th, 2019

Previous Snow Depth: 54 inches

Current Snow Depth: 59 inches

Snow Quality: Two weeks of warm weather have made for a crust layer of about six inches. The recent storm dumped about 10” in a few spots. Get ready for typical spring conditions.

Avalanche Conditions: Moderate

Report Summary (April 11th): A much needed storm system is rolling through this weekend and hopefully with it comes a nice refresher. I have seen better snow conditions for sure, with that said, with this snow you have to explore, keep an open mind, and get creative. If you can’t have fun in this inconsistent snow then you may want to watch a few more of our videos! Be safe, be creative, and get out there and explore new zones while the snow is set up!

Source: Bald Mtn NWCC Snotel

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Snow Depth

2018-2019 Snow Accumulation in the Bighorns.

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