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Action Motorsports Inc. Ski-Doo Demo Tour

  • Bear Lodge Resort (map)

January 24th-28th at Bear Lodge Resort. Your chance to demo a new 850 courtesy of Action Motorsports Inc in the Bighorn Mountains. 8 spots available per day and, get this, you will receive a voucher for a $400 discount just for trying a new Ski-Doo. Register here to reserve your opportunity to try a new Ski-Doo.

Demo Rules:

  • All riders must be 18 years or older and present a valid driver license.

  • All riders must have completed a demo waiver form.

  • No passengers allowed.

  • Riders will be restricted to maximum speeds of the guide

  • Riders MUST remain behind Ski-Doo lead, unless instructed by guide.

  • No Passing will be allowed, unless instructed by guide.

  • Zero alcohol and drugs tolerance. Never ride if you feel tired or sick.

  • All Riders must wear riding equipment including DOT approved helmet.

  • All riders must wear complete avalanche safety gear. ( Bag, shovel, probe, beacon.)

  • Securely attach safety tether cord to yourself. Keep it attached at all times.

  • Always operate at a safe speed and be prepared to stop or alter course in case of emergencies.

  • Never perform jumps and keep safe distance from others.

  • Respect the environment.