About the WSSA

The Wyoming State Snowmobile Association is made up of a group of clubs from around the state. These clubs work hard to ensure that our riding areas are open to the public. The work to improve snowmobiling within the state of Wyoming. The WSSA is an active participant in the Western Chapter of Snowmobile Associations, the American Council of Snowmobile Associations, and the International Snowmobile Congress. If it wasn’t for these clubs, the snowmobile community would be silent in the ongoing battle against public land closures. If you ride in the state of Wyoming, we encourage you to join these clubs so you can keep our lands open for future generations.

Bearlodge Snowmobile Club

Based out of Sundance, Wyoming. This club maintains the trails and hosts events around the Wyoming side of the Black Hills.

Casper Snow Gypsies

Based out of Casper, Wyoming the snow gypsies are active participants in keeping Wyoming lands in public hands, especially in the Casper Mountain area.

Lander Snowdrifters

The Lander, Wyoming Snowdrifters are dedicated to promoting snowmobile access and the benefits of a healthy outdoor recreational experience in the Wind River Mountain region.

Riverton Sno-Goers

Based out of Riverton, Wyoming they are a family and community based club that strives to keep the sport of snowmobiling thriving in Wyoming by encouraging safe riding, holding many riding events, annual scholarships, and an opportunity to share our passion for the sport.

Top of the Rockies

Top Of The Rockies is the Alpine, Wyoming local club. We are an all season mechanized club that enjoys recreating in the Alpine/Star Valley area. Not only do we ride but we also maintain a safety shelter up the Greys River Road, host a community Thanksgiving dinner, host a summer time car show and volunteer at many Town of Alpine events.

Big Horn Mountain Snomads

Based out of the Bighorn Mountains, the Snomads are active participants in maintaining the trails and raising money for charitable causes.

Cody Country Snowmobile Assoc.

Based out of Cody, Wyoming, they help fight against the ever-growing wilderness areas and keep your favorite riding areas open.

Lincoln County Snowbears

Based out of Kemmerer, Wyoming, the Lincoln Country Snowbears educate those who ride in Lincoln County on public land use. They also help keep areas open in Western Wyoming.

Snowy Range Snowmobile Club

Based out of Laramie, Wyoming, the Snowy Range Snowmobile Club is committed to preserving & promoting our trail system & sport in the Snowy Range, building a riding network of individuals of all ages & skill levels & working with Albany County Search & Rescue when help is needed.

307 Riders

Based out of Gillette, Wy. The 307 Riders are actively involved in the Bighorn Mountains whether it is chopping wood for the warming huts or hosting events and donating money to search and rescue.

Jackson Hole Snow Devils

The Jackson Hole Snow Devils work to educate the public on issues concerning winter activities. They also host avalanche trainings and raise money for charitable events.

Pinedale Snow Explorers

Based out of Pinedale, Wyoming and founded in 1965, the purpose of the club is to stimulate and advance the general welfare and the safety of Snowmobile and ORV riding, to serve the interest of the owners against discriminatory legislation, regulation and burdensome taxation

Sweetwater Snowpokes

Based out of Sweetwater County, Wyoming. The Snowpokes promote good conduct, sportsmanship, safety and the good stewardship of public lands for all outdoor enthusiasts.

If this is your club and you would like to add additional information or update current information, please, feel free to contact us either via email or phone.